JunkBox e11 – Hot Summer Fun Beach Time (Burn, Baby, Burn)

Effects of heat on America's dangerous youth.

Effects of heat on America’s dangerous youth.

Tonight on Junkbox:

Hot summer fun beach time – burn., baby, burn

When we say summer, most people think of  hot days, sunshine, trips to the beach, family vacations, and fun, but those people are wrong… Dead wrong.

Research in recent years has affirmed that the connection between heat waves and deadly crime wave is more than just lore. In fact, at least one study by sciencetitiions and reporters has shown that pure red hot sexy heat is a significant contributor murder.

Q: Could hotter summers brew trouble in the nation’s urban areas?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: What about “safe” suburban areas?

A: No place is safe.  You will be killed in your sleep.

Afraid?  Good, that just means you are paying attention.

Junkbox investigates.